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When the pandemic began and we started spending more time at home than ever before, the digital world offered us solace. Between binge-watching movies and series on an OTT platform, playing ludo online, and consuming a lot of audio-visual data on Instagram, we tried to maintain our sanity. While social media is brimming with influencers that aim to entertain, there are quite a few that aim to educate as well.

A productive way of chilling on Instagram is to consume content that can improve your financial literacy. Who knew that could happen while we do, what many of our parents think, is whiling away. Many of these influencers are women who are shattering stereotypes and giving out useful financial tips.

Here are a few female finance influencers you should follow on Instagram.

CA Rachana Ranade @carachanaranade

Ranade is both a YouTuber and an Instagram influencer with millions of followers on both platforms combined. She is also a teacher who aims to simplify the stock market and financial concepts for the masses. Her content on Instagram will help you grasp investments and other financial aspects that will help you gravitate towards monetary independence. It is simplified for beginners and yet, informative enough.

Neha Nagar @iamnehanagar

Nagar is a financial advisor and tax consultant. She is also the CEO of her own finance company and a finance influencer. She is a lot of things and her goal is simple, that is, to make our lives easier as we gain important lessons on handling our money. Nagar is making money management simpler with her content on cryptocurrency, home loans, saving tax, credit card hacks, investment options and a lot more.

Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker @fincocktail

The finance influencers, Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker, create content for their page @fincocktail. They aim to financially educate women and that too at a dynamic pace. They offer practical advice on investment, market, and funding trends, etc. If you have basic knowledge of finance, they can help you upgrade it to pro-level in no time.

Ashna Tolkar @themoneylancer

Tolkar offers useful tips on the stock market, insurance, investment, cryptocurrency and a lot more. Her content offers advice as well as information on things you should know of. Follow her to improve your financial literacy and make better money decisions.

Anushka Rathod @anushkarathod98

Rathod creates entertaining and educational financial content that aims to simplify concepts for beginners. She offers hacks and tricks that will help you gain optimum financial health be it related to taxes, investments, savings, and other money matters. Be it how to save money on your next trip or how to track your expenses, she has doable solutions that will help your bank from breaking.

Source: hercircle.in

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