Try These Ways To Break Into Your Brand New Pair Of Heels


Try These Ways To Break Into Your Brand New Pair Of Heels

Have you ever been excited about buying a new pair of footwear that you can’t wait to try on? We all have! As fun as it might sound, it isn’t uncommon for your new pair of heels to have a painful effect on your feet. Whether it is blisters or red impressions, a new pair of heels can be a little painfully snug.

The ideal way to go about is to break into your pair, for a comfortable experience from the get-go. That way you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort and get to enjoy those stunners right away. The best part about this is that you can easily do that by the things you have at home.

Are you ready to rock your heels comfortably?

Freeze Them Up

This is one of the most effective ways to stretch out your footwear and doesn’t require any special instruments.

What you need: A zip lock bag and water.

How to do it: Place the zip lock back inside your heel properly. Once it covers the entire inside of the heel, carefully pour water into it and fill it up till ¾ of the bag. Make sure the zip lock bag is placed in the areas you wish to stretch out before pouring the water. Next, keep your heels in the freezer overnight.

Since water expands when turned into ice, it will expand your heels as well. This will make your heels comfortable the next time you wear them.

Sock Them Away

One of the easiest ways to break into your new pair of heels or any other footwear is with the help of socks.

What you need: Thick socks and a hair dryer.

How to do it: Don a thick pair of socks and wear your heels. Walk around your house in them to get them a little loose. After walking for some time, you can use your hair dryer and blow it over your heel-clad feet until they are warm. Once you’re done, remove your socks and try out your heels. If you need to stretch them out a little more, repeat the method until they’re comfortable to wear.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

This method is quick and works great if you don’t have to stretch the heels out too much.

What you need: Rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle.

How to do it: Spray the inside of your heel with the rubbing alcohol. Once you’ve sprayed it well, wear your heels and walk around in them. The heat from the rubbing alcohol and your feet will make the heels stretch. Repeat until they’re stretched enough to make you comfortable.

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