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In the same way that smartphones are making us lazy and, in the same vein, here are 10 skills the average driver doesn't have...

EVERYBODY'S GOT the basics of driving down pat - go faster, slower, left and right. But there's a whole range of unusual skills that come in handy for unusual situations or are just plain fun, and that's not even counting specialist stunt tricks like handbrake turns and holding a drift. Here's a list - how many have you mastered, which are most useful and did we miss any?

Statistically, most cars reach the end of their life cycle without being involved in a crash.

1. Left foot braking -

Using the left foot to brake in either autos or manuals. It has a range of uses from off-roading to circuit racing and rallying.

2. Heel and toe shifting -

Used on manuals to blip the throttle to rev match during a downshift for a smooth, fast change.

3. Hill starting without using the parking brake -

A whole range of techniques here that don't involve the parking brake, for both manuals and autos.

4. Limo stops -

Coming to a halt so the car doesn't rock back on its suspension. Everybody should know this one!

5. Skip shifting -

The art of selecting the right gear directly, not necessarily 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You might go 2-4 or 3-6.

6. No-revs moving -

Being smooth enough on the clutch to park a car without raising revs above idle.

7. Bump start -

If manual car's battery is flat and you're on top of a hill could you get it started? Here's how.

8. Backing a trailer -

Can you? Really?

9. Double de-clutch shifting -

Not needed in modern cars, but required even today for some manual heavy vehicles.

10. Skid recovery -

Could you recover from a skid?

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