Common Work-From-Home Challenges and Tips to Overcome Them


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Work-from-home is now the new normal.

During these times, jobseekers are more interested in finding work-from-home jobs to keep their future secure and find relevant job opportunities.

Although remote working has its own benefits such as no commuting time, more work hours at hand, etc., there are some common challenges also that come along with it.

In this blog, we will help you with some useful tips on how you can overcome some common remote working challenges.

Common challenges of remote working and ways to overcome them:

1. Managing distractions

Working-from-home often involves a lot of struggles in keeping the distractions away.

These distractions could be anything- kids at home, friends on call, TV or phone calls.

These distractions not only reduce work productivity but also the overall quality of work delivered.

With self-discipline, there are simple ways you can successfully manage these distractions.

Tips to overcome

The best way to manage distractions at home is to find a separate and dedicated workspace for yourself.

This helps you to focus on work and gives an indication to kids at home that you are busy and should not be disturbed during your work hours.

One thing that only you can control is managing your time between productive and unproductive activities during a day.

For example, limit your distractions such as checking your social media profiles more often and chatting on the phone with relatives or friends.

Plan your work accordingly and take out time for personal work during scheduled breaks only.

2. Unplugging after work hours

This is one of the biggest challenges of remote working that many employees struggle to manage.

Clearly speaking, there is no advantage of working from home if you cannot manage your work-life balance and find it a challenge to unplug after work hours.

Many employees fear to say no to their managers for unusual demands of delivering work at odd timings.

Switching off from work at the end of the day is equally important as logging at the right office timings.

Tips to overcome

The best way to save you from any guilt feeling at the time of switching off at the end of work hours is to create an achievable ‘to-do’ list of work.

Include the key tasks that you are expected to deliver during the day and follow it strictly.

By the end of the work hours, make sure you have delivered your work planned for the day.

This way there will be no hesitation in winding up your work and you can get time to spend the rest of the day with your family.

At the same time, is it also imperative that you set the expectation clear that you are not available after a certain time and would appreciate it if the other person understands this.

Of course, there should not be an issue if there is a genuine and urgent work requirement.

However, if it becomes a regular practice, you need to set the expectations with your manager.

3. Communicating and collaborating with team members

Effective communication is one of the biggest requirements for the smooth flow of work when working remotely.

Most of the time, employees find it difficult to collaborate with their team members and feel isolated.

The situation becomes more challenging when you are working with a team on a common project that requires several discussions and involvement from everyone located distantly.

Of course, working in the office gives you more opportunities to interact efficiently, but there are ways to make it work in case of remote working also.

Tips to overcome

Several effective and flexible tools offer smooth communication options.

Therefore, the first step should be to set an effective communication channel like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other channel for conducting your daily meetings and conversations.

For collaborating documents and key projects, Google Drive provides an easy option to share with each other.

4. Managing productivity

Without the presence of a supervisor, many employees find it a challenge to maintain their work productivity.

Low productivity is not your fault as many factors make it happen without your knowledge.

Therefore, it is important to understand the key factors that hamper your productivity at work.

For example, multitasking to meet several project timelines is a common reason for lower productivity.

Tips to overcome

Multi-tasking divides your focus between different tasks and therefore, requires more time to complete a single task.

If you have several tasks to do, prioritize them and pick up the next one only after completing the first one.

This helps you to focus on one thing and boost overall productivity.

The next way to overcome this challenge is to work in a short burst and avoid long hours of sitting.

Taking short breaks helps you to get energized and increases work productivity.

5. Facing technology issues

Working remotely also includes challenges that are most of the time not in your hands.

Some of them are technology or Internet connectivity issues that refrain you from a smooth flow of work.

It becomes more important for a company to ensure that the team has right tools and techniques to work remotely.

Tips to overcome

Choose tools, software, and broadband connection that enables you to use it adequately during work hours.

Understand how you can embrace the technology and ask for required training from your manager if required.

Remote working can become more complicated than it seems if you do not know the ways to cope up with them.

Hope these tips will help you to overcome these common work-from-home challenges and allow a smooth workflow.


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