When we have pets, we have to be extra cautious about the newborn. If you are about to welcome a new baby at your home then prepare your furry baby for that. Your dogs or cats have been living with you and other family members and then for them to see a new person. This might be surprising for them. As you know pets, especially dogs, want your full attention for them. So, sometimes it is hard for them to see that they are not the centre of attention.

So, prepare properly to introduce your pets with your newborn baby. First, make some arrangements to welcome the baby. Otherwise, both the baby and your pets may get scared. They have their own way of meeting new friends. Be aware of that and do it accordingly. Here’s a guide to introduce your baby with your pets.

Thane city Lifestyle | Are you tensed about your newborn and pets? Here’s how you can introduce them to each other

Pets and Babies: You can follow these tips to handle this situation.

1- First, make a plan for this. Utilise the entire pregnancy time for the plan. You can teach your pets about some basic things. For example, you can arrange the room for the baby and make them understand that it’s off-limit. But before that, they will take time to investigate the area.

2- Introduce the common baby sounds and smell to them prior to baby’s arrival. Babies know only one language and that is crying. This can be irritating to small pets. So, make them habituated with the noise and the baby’s smell. You can play some baby video to create the noise and use baby skincare products for the smell.

3- Once the baby arrives, there will be huge changes in your daily routine. There will be lots of responsibilities. So, share them with your spouse and divide them together. This will help you to take care of the baby and the pets with the perfect balance.

Thane city Lifestyle | Are you tensed about your newborn and pets? Here’s how you can introduce them to each other

4- Restrict the baby area before the baby's arrival. Teach them that they are not allowed to go there for some time. This will take time for them to understand. So, make them practice this during pregnancy time.

5- When you have to finally introduce your pets to your baby then wait for some time. First, cuddle them like the way you do after coming back to home from the hospital. Once everything settles down, then slowly introduce them to your baby but be very careful about it.

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