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We look at some Vastu Shastra tips that one can follow at home and in the office, to boost one’s leadership skills and professional growth.

As an effective business leader/ CEO/ entrepreneur, one always has a dual responsibility of safeguarding and promoting the larger vision of the organisation, while also taking care of the individual growth of the team/ organisational family members. The leader has to take them on the path of progress and stability, irrespective of their varied individual ideologies, their strengths and weaknesses and their own aspirations. As a leader and head of the organisational family, one has to also ensure unity in diversity, to achieve the goal of progress, prosperity and peace. An entrepreneur’s final aim is growth + stability and ultimately thought leadership in his sector, among peers.

While most people who aspire to become dynamic leaders take up various external training sessions to achieve their goals, more often than not, they are faced with challenges beyond their control. What is perhaps not that well-known is the fact that for an overall success and consistent growth, the ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra, can help aide and enhance the chances of success.

According to the hierarchy of your organisation:

The head of the organisation (CMD/CEO/founder/MD) should occupy the south-west direction.

The number two or the finance head and/or technical expert, should be seated in the south direction.

Sales and marketing or the operational team, should take the west direction.

Vastu Shastra for effective leaders

As an entrepreneur, the stability, growth and success of business, heavily lies on the shoulders of the CEO/ MD/ proprietor and his leadership skills are vital in creating a stable and profitable business. The seat of a leader, when considered through Vastu Shastra, becomes vitally important when seeking to enhance positive energies for business.

The south-west direction is considered a prominent seat and plays a major role in bringing stability and growth in both, personal and professional life. The main cabin or seating of the business head/ organisational head at office and the direction of the master bedroom, for the head of the family unit, should ideally be in the south-west direction of the office or house, respectively, to ensure stability in both, personal as well as professional life.

According to the basic principles and guidelines of Vastu Shastra, south-west is a zone of the earth element, which means it should always be occupied by one who is in-charge or is the decision maker or leader of the family at the residence and by the owner or chief of business at the workplace. If not occupied by the head, it should be the heaviest part of that premise. The presence of the business leader in the south-west, would also help in forging lasting relationships with clients, vendors and colleagues, while enhancing vigilance, all of which are important factors to consider for entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Vastu Shastra for personal and professional stability

All positive energies enter your Vastu (residence or place of work or a structure) from the north-east region. This energy travels and circulates across the south-east and north-west simultaneously and gets accumulated in the south-west. As a result, the presence of a host or leader in the south-west master bedroom and workplace, for at least six to eight hours each day, will lead to enhanced performance personally and professionally.

Vastu Shastra to enhance performance

Like work, rest is equally important and plays a vital role in the overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of a person. As per Vastu Shastra there is an effective direction for sleep and rest. Aligning with the electromagnetic waves of earth (north-south direction), with the head towards the south or west, is considered a high energy accumulation zone, making it ideal for sleep.

Vastu Shastra for overall business growth

Apart from effective leadership skills and performance, key decision making processes and issues related to finance, can also be impacted by Vastu Shastra. Sitting in a high energy sphere of the south-west direction, facing towards north-east, helps improve sharpness of mind, alertness and wisdom, which are needed to tackle challenges in business and profession. Displaying your objectives and targets behind you, in the south-west direction, can further help accelerate achievements and bring stability. Finance is at the heart and soul of every business and while the financial circulation of small businesses depends primarily on regular and timely payments, receipts and cash flow, big businesses have their own sources to maintain financial stability. It is, therefore, imperative to set up an office according to the guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

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