Are you a frequent traveller? If yes then you know what are the struggles of traveling by air.

Surely, it is the most comfortable and quick travel option but it adds to your total budget too. Agree?

You can get cheap tickets everytime but what about the money that you spend at the airport while waiting for your flight.

Be it a domestic or an international flight, we all have a habit of reaching the airport way before our checking time. This surely works for us because it helps on days when you get traffic on your way or there is a long queue ahead of you.

There is a lot that happens during all those hours before your flight that adds to your expenses and spoils your entire budget plan. Here are some airport hacks that will help you save money when you are at the airport.

Get Your Food

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Airport food is expensive but when you are here you have no option but to spend that extra money. The best tip to save money here is that you pack your food and bring it along. This especially applies for those who have long layovers. You will need your meals so its better you pack a meal and some light snacks with you. Get your own water bottle too. Water at the airports is expensive too. Get your bottle and you can fill it with water fountains at the airport.

Pack Light

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You don't want the airlines to charge you an additional amount for extra luggage. Pack your luggage smartly. Pack light. Don't pack things that you won't need during your journey. This will not only save this additional cost but also make your travel easier.

Get Free Pass For Airport Lounges

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A lot of time we head to a cafe or eatery at the airport to pass some time before the flight. We usually end up spending a lot of money there. You can pass some good time sleeping or working at the airport lounges. How to get the free pass? That is not only for those who are traveling first class. A lot of airline programs and credit card providers offer free or discounted access to these lounges. A lot of them have enough space for sleep. There are free work stations too where you can sit and work peacefully.

Bring Your Own Reading Stuff

Travel Tips and Tricks by Thaneweb
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Book shops at the airport may attract you to get a new one. But do you really need it? The best thing would be that you get your own books or magazines from home. If you don't have any books then get some from your friends prior to your holiday.

Don't Head To Gift Shops

There is so much to shop at the airport. You can get souvenirs, clothes, chocolates, alcohol. But do you really need it? Stay away from these shops as they allure you to spend all your savings.

Use Free Wifi

You get free wifi at all airports. You just need to head to the information counter and ask for the details. Once you log in, enjoy hours of entertainment as you wait for your connecting flight.

Always check the flight status before you leave home. Your flight can get delayed or cancelled and this will help you plan your day better.

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