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It is so much exciting to hear that Diwali is on the way. In very few days we will give a warm welcome to the festival of Diwali. For Indians, Diwali is a “Festival Of Lights” and the victory of right over evil. Our ancestors celebrated Diwali by following all the customs of Diwali. Our forefathers started the preparation of Diwali one month ago. They used to decorate the home by themselves, prepare different snacks and sweets at home and buys new clothes etc.

But now, Time has changed. We asked our made to clean the house and call a colorist for a paint in the house. We buy ready snacks and sweets from the market. And nowadays, we are buying new clothes entire year we are not waiting till the Diwali to buy new clothes. The present generation understands the values and customs of Diwali but they celebrated in their own ways.

Over the time, people are preferring travel instead of staying at home. People want to take the advantage of their holidays and travel not only national but also international. It is good that we are expanding our boundaries and exploring the world. As the level of nuclear family increases, people are used to earn and spend for themselves only. Moreover, it is good to take a break in between workaholic schedule.

The number of people taking abroad vacations has grown up 25% while domestic booking has increased 35% over the last year. Europe is the most searched destination for international travel while Goa is the first priority to spend Diwali vacation within national boundaries. Moreover, tourist managers have noticed that more numbers of foreigners are planning their trip in India during Diwali. Travel agencies get their maximum business during Diwali holidays. They offer various tour packages along with attractive discounts.

So, If you are planning a vacation tour during the Diwali holidays, then you must read this important tips.

Be sure about dates and duration:

The first and foremost important thing is deciding a duration and dates on which you want to plan a trip. Be sure that you wouldn’t have any important work to do. Check availability of all the family members on this duration. Check whether your children can come or not. If they are having important examination just after the holidays then you can postpone your trip.

Ask the opinion of all the members:

Take the opinion of all the members of this trip in choosing the destination place. If all are happy then you can enjoy the trip. If some of the members are at home then, you will be worried about their safety. So, better to take all the members along with you if possible.

Select the destination place wisely:

Choosing the right destination place for a trip is very important. Choose a place where you can enjoy the Diwali holidays. Know the priority all of all the members whether they want to travel national or international. Some may like natural places, some may like adventures or some might want relaxation and peace of mind. So, decide one perfect place where all can satisfy their goals of the trip.

Calculate the cost:

After choosing the perfect destination place for the trip, research the cost. Calculate the cost of the trip. You should plan a trip in your budget. If the trip cost is too high compared to your budget then you can change the destination place or postpone the trip. Minor adjustments can be possible but don’t plan a trip just for the sake of showoff. Another important thing doesn’t plan a trip under pressure of family members or friends. Nowadays travel loan is also available. You can take the advantage of those loans if you are able to pay all the installments on time. If the trip won’t make any changes in your financial stability then you can plan a trip without hesitation.

Plan a trip:

Now, it is time to decide whether you want to plan a trip by your own or with a trip planner. If you are planning the trip by your own then you must have to book in advance the flight tickets, hotels, and cab service for the local travel and sightseeing. You can book your tickets in the preferred hotels online. Denote the date and time of reaching and departing. Check all the services which are denoted on the brochure of the Hotel. You must check the food quality of the Hotel. You can verify with ratings of the Hotel given by the other tourist.

And if you planning with a trip advisor then choose wisely. Check how much experience he has in this field? How many trips he organized earlier? Know the review of those tourists. Check whether he is reliable or not? If you are inexperienced about travelling then you should opt for a trip advisor rather than planning alone.

Pack the luggage properly:

Luggage packing is an art. You must learn this art. Carry only necessary items which are required there. Do not over pack the luggage. Know the weather of your destination place and pack the clothes accordingly. You can read luggage safety tips related articles online.

Shop wisely:

Buy only necessary things which are required for a trip. Travel shopping is a very crucial part. You can ask a friend who can come with you for a systematic shopping.

Special care for kids:

If kids are there on your trip then they must be required special treatment. They might take time to accept changes of weather. You can take an advice from your family doctor about the extra care and things which required for the kids.

Avoid wearing valuable ornaments:

Female are making mistakes by wearing valuable ornaments during a trip. It may have chances of stolen, broken or lost. So, avoid wearing valuable. Moreover, take only debit cards and credit cards instead of taking money in cash. Do not travel with cash money in the unknown city.

Do not forget to carry QTrace:

Last but not the least do not forget to install QTrace in your phone while you are planning a vacation trip. You just have to purchase a QTrace device from here . now, attach a QTrace device to those objects which are precious and you don’t want to lose while trip. So, You can track your precious belongings. Whenever you misplaced your luggage or any other object you will be able to check its location and get it back.

This is the best way to never ever lose or misplace object. Even though you might misplace, you can find it again without doing much effort.

Thus, these are the important tips for planning a trip during Diwali vacation. Make your holidays memorable.

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