international travel agents in thane | Going For Your First International Trip? Things You Should Keep In Mind

Even if you have explored every nook and cranny of India, there something unusual about taking that first ever international trip. The vibe is all together so different! Travelling abroad is so different, the feeling is so new and exciting, but it gives you jitters too.

For anyone who wants to explore the whole world, it all starts with that first trip and then, there is no looking back. No matter what kind of a traveller you are, how many places you have explored, you need to be a little extra with your preps when it comes to travelling to your first International destination.

If you are planning to travel abroad this holiday season and it is your first ever International trip then here are some things you need to know.

Your Passport Should Be Ready In Advance

It is best to get your passport done well in advance. Now there are tatkal services available but you don't want to take that last-minute stress. A lot of international bookings also ask for your passport details so keep it ready. Once you get your passport, make sure you get 4-5 copies photocopied. Keep 4 with you and leave one with your family.

What if you lose your passport abroad?

Keeping a copy of passport in your bag will help you a little. Head to the police station and file a complain. Then take the police report to the Indian embassy and get a temporary passport. This can take about a week but it will help you travel back to your country.

You Should Learn About The Rules

There is nothing like too much information about the place. Start from the basics. Make sure you know about the rules, the laws. Traffic rules are very important, many places have strict traffic rules.

Learn Common Phrases

Learn common phrases, learn to ask about basic things. You may not be able to learn the new language overnight but this will definitely help you.

Keep A Copy Of All Personal Documents

Other than your passport, you also need to keep a copy of all your other documents, like your personal ids, reservations and flight details. Keep one in your handbag and one in your luggage.

Learn About The Culture Of The Place

You don't want to get into trouble on your very first International trip. Best to understand the culture of the place and behave accordingly. Don't get into fights and arguments unnecessarily.

Exchange Your Money At A Reliable Exchange

When it comes to exchanging money, the airport may not be the best place. You need to play smart here, go to a bank for money exchange or a well-known money exchange brand.

Get A Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may look like an added cost to you but it will help you in times you get in trouble. You never know what happens while you travel in that unknown country. Always beneficial to get the insurance done.

It is your first international trip and you should enjoy every bit of it and create special memories but make sure you are extra careful when it comes to yourself and your money and belongings.

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