Skinsense Clinic - Skin Care Doctor and Dermatologist Clinic in Thane

"Empower individuals to unleash their inner beauty, love themselves & create happiness"

About Skinsense and its Beauty Therapies

Skinsense Clinic - Skin Care Doctor and Dermatologist Clinic in Thane

At Skinsense beauty clinic, we use globally proven advanced medical beauty treatments to ensure you have amazing skin, hair and body shape at any age.

We partner with you to be the best version of yourself.

Dr. Shweta Iyengar, founder of Skinsense, strongly believes only good health is truly beautiful. Skinsense combines the principles nutrition, stress and energy management along with knowledge of modern medicine. Skinsense also uses advanced medical technologies like lasers and other advance medical devices to deliver fast and holistic results. The medical devices and laser technologies are clinically tested and are approved by USFDA for safety and efficacy.

Skinsense understands your needs and customises packages for you. The perfect results for your skin, hair and body concerns at the most value for money price.

Why Skinsense

Aristotle said, "Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference". Studies also prove that we make an impression about a person within 60 seconds of meeting them. This means the way you look really matters!

  • Your picture taken 5 years back looks better than you do now?
  • Has your hair lost its lustre and shine?
  • Does your skin appear dull and tired?
  • Is your double-chin wobbling back at you when you look into the mirror?

If yes, Skinsense brings together an ideal combination of doctors and beauty therapists and promotes a healthy synergy between the two to ensure you have a scientific beauty experience. At Skinsense, our qualified and certified technicians treat every skin as a separate individual under the scientific guidance of a doctor and offer customised solution. No question is a silly question and you are encouraged to speak, to share and to probe. We help you understand and bring out the best in you.

A well sculpted chin, lustrous thick hair, a firmer tummy, fair glowing even toned firm skin, permanent hair reduction….well the list may be endless. Receiving compliments from your friends and family everyday becomes a habit you love.

And that's why, Skinsense is all about YOU. To give you a personality and the look YOU desire. Skinsense is home to every individual with a desire to look their best.

Skinsense services offered:

Skin treatments

  • Acne, Oily Skin, Open Pores
  • Skin Fairness and glow
  • Skin Pigmentation
  • Age reversal
  • Dark Circles
  • Scar Removal

Hair Treatments

Hairfall, Hairgrowth, Baldness control, Premature Greying . The reasons may be many varying from poor nutrition, hormonal changes, acute or chronic illness, poor digestion and absorption, improper care of hair and scalp (use of hot irons, chemical treatments of hair.

Stem cell, PRP and Hair Mesotherapy stop hair fall and give dramatic new growth.

Body Shaping

Firming , contouring and body sculpting is done with various scientific procedures to maintain a toned body and increase metabolism.

Permanent Hair Reduction

An effective and prescribed combination of Diode 808, E-Light and ND Yag Laser ensures a very safe, virtually painless and speedy treatments of permanent hair reduction using lasers.

Brides / Grooms And Festive Care

It’s your wedding! and is it's going to be one of the most treasured day of your life. Let’s get you looking your absolute best for this special occasion with Skinsense.

At Skinsense, we have the most comprehensive packages, scientific care custom designed for the unique bride, getting her looking absolutely gorgeous on her wedding.

Created On March 2020