5 Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Faster


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Getting Rapunzel-esque hair doesn’t have to be the stuff of dreams but it sure does seem like that after a bad haircut. If you’re trying out every DIY under the sun to make your locks grow faster, hear us out: Hair grows only half an inch every month. The best thing you can do is keep your scalp and tresses healthy to minimise breakage. Apart from that, you can try out these tips to speed up the rate at which your mane grows but hey, remember there are no overnight hacks that will do the trick!

Opt for scalp massages

Your grandma’s champis will do the trick! By massaging your scalp gently, you boost circulation to that area. This activates the hair follicles and your mane gets some added oxygen and nourishment which ultimately helps boost hair growth.

Focus on your scalp health

A healthy scalp = Longer, stronger hair. By taking care of your scalp, you are making sure that the products you apply on it seep into the hair follicles and keep them nourished. This will help reduce shedding and hair loss. So how do you set up a scalpcare routine? It’s very simple: Avoid using grainy scalp scrubs and invest in a clarifying shampoo. These formulas remove buildup from the roots and prevent excessive oiliness. Limit using them to once or twice a month as excessive applications can lead to dryness and flaking.

Trim your mane regularly

Dry ends can be a menace especially because they cause your hair to get tangled which leads to breakage. To prevent your ends from looking like frayed and messy, make sure you get a trim every 12 weeks.

Be gentle with your hair

Preventing damage to your mane is way easier than repairing it so for starters, be gentle. If you’re dealing with major hair loss or breakage, stay away from harsh hair dyes, bleaches, shampoos and styling tools. Make sure you twist your hair while combing it and begin detangling from your ends to your roots.

Avoid overwashing hair

Shampoos are supposed to remove the dirt and grime from your scalp and conditioners are meant to add hydration to hair. Can you guess which one you should be using less of to ensure your mane is glossy and shiny? Wash your hair every few days instead of every day and when you’re doing that, make sure you use a sulfate-free formula. At first, your scalp may produce more oil to compensate but over time, it will adjust itself to your new routine.

Try a hair oil mixture

According to Ayurveda, there are many herbs that may help with hair growth. Some of these are bhringraj (boosts blood flow to the roots), brahmi (reduces dryness), amla (fights dandruff) and fenugreek seeds (combats hair fall). These ingredients come together to give hair all the nourishment it needs.

Source: hercircle.in

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