7 Shopping Behaviours You Must Stop Right Away


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It's a given that shopping sustainably goes a long way, not just for your wardrobe but also for the environment. Here's how you can go green with your shopping by avoiding these common habits!

1. Shopping Physically AND Online

Try to use online shopping as a replacement to shopping in-store as opposed to resorting to both. While shopping online is slightly less carbon-intensive than shopping in stores (one truck delivering 50 packages causes lesser emissions than 50 trips to and fro the store), doing both is definitely not advisable simply because of the amount of fuel you’ll be using.

2. Buying Low-Quality Clothes

Fast fashion has made us accustomed to buying cheap, both in money and quality. But while this might make you feel great at the moment, these clothes don’t end up lasting too long given their poor quality, which ends up with customers disposing of these clothes, only to fill up landfills. A better way out? Buy the best quality you can afford. Opt for brands you trust and ensure you go for better quality materials.

3. Shopping Internationally

Shopping on international sites not only adds to your shipping and custom duty costs but also adds to the shipping emissions given the long overseas travel. Opt for brands that are available locally or better yet, shop from locally made brands, we can go on about all the benefits that they have apart from just lower emissions.

4. Buying With The Intention Of Returning

Not sure about your size or which style you like better? Do you end up ordering all the options just because you’re unsure? Stop. This. Now. While you may return the unwanted pieces back to the brand and get a full refund, the returned clothes more often do not end up being repackaged by brands for selling, simply because it’s more cost-effective to dispose of them in landfills. Even if brands end up repackaging and putting these pieces up for sale, think of all the waste caused due to the repackaging process.

5. Scattered Purchases

You’d rather have a delivery made once for all the things you need as opposed to many deliveries happening every other day, especially if you’re shopping from one place. Even when shopping in-store, it makes sense to make one trip to the mall as opposed to several. Try to group your purchases by making a list of everything you need!

6. Opting For Faster Delivery Options

If you’re not in a hurry, consider avoiding faster delivery options. This will enable the seller/warehouse to make more emission-efficient deliveries as your package will be delivered to you along with others in the same area, as opposed to the delivery firm making an extra trip to deliver your order on priority.

7. Not Reading Between The Lines

Always remember to check details like the kind of materials used in making your garment, care instructions, as well as the origin of the products. It also makes sense to find out whether or not the brand pays fair wages for labour. A lot goes into making a sustainable product and a few minutes spent making sure these details are in-line with your belief can go a long way for the environment.

Source: hercircle.in

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