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Few useful tips to give that Diwali look to your house

The festival of lights, joy, and celebrations is on its way. Yes, Diwali is on its way 🙂 Every year, this festival of diyas brings a lot of excitement packed for us with its own customs and traditions involving all the family members together creating an ambiance of happiness around. One such customary ritual is cleaning of our house and dapper the paints and furniture as required.

Let us know the significance of house cleaning in Diwali and few beliefs attached to it as the most important Diwali ritual.

Welcoming Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth

Many of us are aware of the belief that Goddess Lakshmi will grace the clean and nicely decorated home with wealth and fortune. So, in the southern part of India, it is a ritual to clean the house and garnish it with lights and flowers with special Lakshmi puja during this period.

Welcoming Guests as an Athithi to participate in Diwali celebration

In few parts of Karnataka, on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, it is a ritual to visit each other’s home for Aarati to mark the welcome of Krishna by the people of Dwaraka. As a part of Diwali celebration, a neat and clean home ensures the warm welcome of your guests. As a popular Sanskrit saying goes, ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ meaning to treat guests as God has a ceremonial connect to it.

Diwali as a New Year

Diwali is also considered to be the last day of ‘The King Vikram’ calendar with next day to be the start of a new year. Eventually, people will clean their house to welcome the New Year and get their home ready for Diwali celebration. So as a ritual and sanitation, it becomes essential for us to clean our house. Here we bring you few quick tips to clean your home for Diwali

  • Dispose unwanted and unused materials from home. They only occupy more space and make the area look messy.

  • Give away your old clothes to poor or needy to make more space in your wardrobe for new clothes that you buy for the festival.

  • Give a special attention to unnoticed corners. Usually, more dust will be accumulated there. Wipe or use vacuum cleaner to clean the area.

  • If you have plans to paint your home for Diwali then ensure to cover your furniture and home appliances to avoid paint stains on them.

  • A basic cleaning is required from mopping, floor scrubbing, and bathroom cleaning to make your home space free from dust.

  • Once you are done with this, you would replace sofa covers, curtains, pillow covers and drapes in your rooms and living area. Adding on, keep insect repellents in the room corners and use air fresheners and scented methanol to have that fresh aroma to stay in for a longer period of time.

    Now, you can decorate your home with diyas and lights to give that Diwali look to your home. To help you with Diwali preparations, we have Diwali special house cleaning that covers full-house with floor scrubbing, mopping, an acid wash of bathroom, a detailed kitchen cleaning, dusting of wardrobes, doors, tables & other living areas. We are also offering Diwali special house painting, the on-demand Electrician service for Diwali lighting and more.

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